We design and build websites of all types:
Simple HTML Websites
This kind of website is the simplest form of web presence and usually consists of few pages of information. Typically these would include a summary of the things you do, contact information and some simple contact forms. You will also get your own domain name and multiple email accounts. Having your own domain name is very important, because you won't be stuck with any particular ISP (like Telstra or Optus) and you'll be able to seek out the most competitive rates or contracts, without changing your email addresses.
Simple HTML Website
Self-managed Websitess
We specialise in this type of website - this is a Content Management System (CMS) which consists of a database, a collection of PHP, HTML and Java templates, but luckily, you don't need to know anything  about the technical details to use a self-managed website. We do the initial work for you, setting up the style and security and then we teach you how you can log into the site and keep the information up-to-date. This system can be extended to include almost countless features.

Shopping-cart Websites
Our shopping cart system is highly flexible and suits many industries, with support for product attributes such as sizes, colours, packs and much more. There is support for customer specific and customer group specific discounts, and for vouchers and loyalty programs. Photographs and diagrams of products can be added to the product record. We can also load data from your product database or from your pricelist.

Payment Systems
We provide a wide range of payment methods, from simple forms to fully integrated gateway solutions. We can determine to best and most cost effective options to suit your sales volume. Our customers have often reduced their total cost of payment handling. Low volume sites can employ systems with no monthly fee for accepting credit and debit cards.

    • Trades and Services
      Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Architects, Designers etc

    • Travel
      Travel bookings systems

    • Appointment Booking Systems
      Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Personal Care (Masseurs, Hairdressers etc)

    • Retail
      On-line shops (tangible or intangible products and services)

    • Accommodation Booking
      Hotels, Motels, Holiday Letting, Home-stay, Accommodation, Back-packers, Houseboats etc

    • Artistic and Creative Works
      We cater for Painters, Artists, Photographers, Authors and other creators and sellers of creative works. We can create and maintain catalogues of  creative works with tracking and verification systems. We can provide on-line galleries with watermarked visual and audio-visual materials.

Scientific and Industrial Websites

Remote monitoring

Remote control

Data-Centre Connected

Website Promotion


And anything you can think of!