About Us


Originally established in 1988 as a research and development company, Integrated Imaging Pty Ltd now provides a wide range of services to its customers.

In stark contrast to a world of increasing specialisation, Integrated Imaging offers a multi-disciplinary approach to technical support and development.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions for our customers - regardless of size. Individuals, small home-based business, and small to medium enterprises all need efficient, adaptable and stable systems.


Integrated Imaging's Managing Director, David Sentinella, has had more than 25 years experience in fields as diverse as Computer Systems Design and Manufacture, Medical Electronics, Electronic Design, Non-Destructive Testing, Mining Research, Computer Imaging, and much more.

David has seen the growth of computer techology from the days when an entire organisation relied on the computing power equivalent to what we now find in a modern calculator.

"What surprises me, with all the computing power we now have, is that most companies haven't seen a reduction in the total cost of doing business - we can do that for you."

Integrated Imaging advocates the use of Open Systems and can integrate almost every part of your business. We support Linux and Unix systems, Apple Macintosh, Windows and other operating systems. Cross-platform databases are an important part of our business.

"I'm very excited about the advances in Open Systems and how we can now provide elegant solutions to every kind of customer."

We use well-proven "wholistic"1 methods in finding or developing a solution for our customers, and the techniques we use are as applicable to a sole trader as they are to large corporations. Accurate analysis is a vital first step in solving and technical or business issues; and what follows is just as important. Integrated Imaging has a very broad skillset and manages all phases of its service delivery including: design, implementation, refinement, service, support, and training.

No matter what size organisation you have, from single user to large corporation, Integrated Imaging's services will help streamline your business.

"I've worked on projects where we emptied the entire content of a corporate mainframe into a single workstation - and provided better functionality with the software we developed."


1 Our spelling of "wholistic" is intentional, in that we take a "whole" system approach.