Micro-Controller Design

MSP430 based systems and related systems 8051 Derivatives and PIC Micro-controller Design
Servo and Stepper Motor Control, Ethernet and I2C
Generic and Custom Systems Developed 

Integrated Imaging develops Embedded Micro-controllers for a wide range of applications. We specialise in highly efficient assembler routines.

  • Systems based on 8051 Derivatives including devices from: Philips, Atmel, Infineon, Intel, Issi, Dallas, AMD, OKI, and Winbond; and PIC devices.

  • Assembly and C code development

  • PC Connectivity for Control and Analysis

  • In-system programming

  • Communications Protocols:
    IrDA, Ethernet, IEEE-1394 (Firewire), USB, I2C, Serial

  • Mains Synchronous Systems

  • PWM systems for power and speed control

  • Servo and Stepper Motor Control Applications

  • Watchdog Failsafe Systems 

  • A/D & D/A Applications

  • Telephony Subsystems

  • Low power systems

  • Data loggers

  • LCD applications

  • Wireless Systems

  • Distance Measurement

  • RF Tag Applications